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Nov 18 2010

Most things are moved
around the market on
these vehicles

these two cantaloupes
wholesale for about $40 US,
or about $20 a piece

I bought a package of
10 strawberries for
about $14 US, wholesale.
They were really sweet
and very tasty, but at
$1.40 a piece... they are

Mushrooms from


a view of the market
fish heads
more fish

large live Japanese crab

live anchovies?

tuna from the
auction, awaiting

reject blue fin tuna
from the auction
awaiting shipment
to other vendors

tuna processed and
awaiting sale

more fish

concession sign indicating
they have been in business
for 400 years

fresh tuna 6 hr off
the boat that we were
offered.  It simply
melts in your mouth!

more fish

the largest mussels?
I have every seen!

various live shell fish

live cuttle fish

blue fin tuna being

tuna scraps heading
for livestock feed

fish to the restaurant
where we had lunch
being delivered live
in a truck tank

another view of the
truck delivering our