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Nov 21-23 2010

the train to Kagoshima

train interior

Steam engine display

whistle stop festival

another festival shot

another festival shot

french fries from a
vending maching? 

At the Senpiro-no-taki

Another waterfall

yet another waterfall

The trail.  Can you
see it?

After a very good

A steam engine, used
for tourist trips. It was
beautiful.  A rare sight

on one of the trails

on the trail

sign about domaiboku

a cedar tree

another cedar tree

a spooky cedar tree

a strange cedar tree

P in front of strange
cedar tree

ancient cedar stump
with a another cedar
growing out of the stump

P finally found an eletric
generator powered by
some of the abundant water!

a Japanese monkey

same monkey looking

deer in the woods

deer by our ryokan

the whale shark

another view of the
whale shark

The whale shark again