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Nov 19-20 2010

Kumamoto Cashle

Two young men in
period dress

Some more young
men in period dress

P, R and I in front
of Kumamoto Castle

P and I as royalty

Me as samurai
R as samurai

More young men in
period dress 

Edo art in castle

Shogun's quarters
 in the castle

guards hid behind those doors when the Shogun or Daimyo was around, ready to jump out and kill it they were in any danger.

Ceiling and "guard
closets" in castle 
Shogun's reception halls. 
The more important you
were, the closer your hall
was to the shogun's meeting room
Another view of the castle,
with the samurai
warning sign on vending machine
having lunch in Kumamoto 
This what we had and it
was delicious.  Noodles,
veggies, and a crepe with
sauce.  We had to put together outselves.

Statue, I think, is Kato Kiyomasa,
daimyo and contemporary of
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and builder of Kumamoto Castle.

kids playing baseball in the
mist.  How they saw the ball
was a mystery to me.

School principal, addressing
student body and parents at beginning of program.

Student addressing student
body and parents at beginning of program

Scenes from student program  

scenes from student program

More scenes from the student program

After the program we
were invited to share
lunch with the faculty. 
Very fancy bento
box lunch.  What a treat! 

Preparing the soba dough

forming the dough properly

R gets pointer on how
to roll out the dough

the dough is rolled, folded
and ready for slicing

Slicing the dough with a really
serious clever. 

soba noodles ready
to cook
soba noodles ready for eating
our gracious teachers and
the beautiful and delicious meal they
shared with us!