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Nov 19 2010

The Dome - much as
it was afterwards in 1945

The Children's Monument, built
in honor of Sadako Sasaki who
contracted leukemia from bomb
fallout.  She was a fetus when
the bomb was dropped.
Japanese legend holds that
anyone who folds a chain of
1000 oragami cranes
(Senbazuru) will be granted a
wish.  Sadako attempted it but
died before she could finish.
Now children from all over
Japan fold cranes and hangthem here.

Senbazuru hung by
children at the
Children's Monument

Children preparing
to hang senbazuru

Sadako's statue

another view of
the monument
Senbazuru hung by children 
Japanese student hanging

P in front of bell
at Peace Park

View of bell  

I have looked all over
Japan to find this! 
Phew... they do exist.

A Texas yucca in

P in front of the eternal
flame and Dome in distanct.

View of Dome

The T Bridge.  Ground zero.

famous and delicious
concoction unique to Hiroshima