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Nov 14 2010

More pics from
our last day on
the trail and
first day in
Dinner at the
 ryokan - yum!

steamed veggies
and fish

Heading out
for Kyoto

restaurant in train station
displaying deserts with intricately
carved persimmon and strawberries

Bell for ringing at
Golden Pavilion

view of Golden Pavilion. 
Bottom floor was not
gilded to prevent loss of gold.

Pine tree shaped to
represent a boat at
the Golden Pavillion  

Another view of the "boat"
pine tree.  P refers to such
trees as "tortured" since there
is no change of growing this way
naturally.  Regardless, the
landscaping is stunning.

The Pavilion and me,
squinting in the sunlight
At the Pavilion.  I took his
picture because it shows
why during the fall, there are
no leaves on the ground here. 
They sweep them up as soon
as they fall off the trees!

One of many beautiful
gates.  This one at
Imperial Palace, I think.

Painted walls at
Imperial Palance,
I think.

Beautiful gilt door on
 one of the gates at
Imperial Palace

Another Imperial Palance Gate

Behind this vermillion gate, in the
distant building is the emperor's
chrysanthemum throne.  The smaller
empress throne is also there. 
The emperor's throne can be seen
from our vantage point.  However,
they do not allow a closer approach.

Closer shot of the
chrysanthemum throne

cross section of cedar roof. 
Singles are made from the bark
of the tree and fastened with
bamboo nails - no rusting from
iron nails.  Roof takes about 35
years and lasts about 35 years.
so they are always fixing the roof!

Ceremonial hall and
passage way,
through a sea of gravel
neatly raked.

View of emperor's quarters. 
He was not allowed to touch
the earth since he was a god,
so when he wished to talk on
the ground, it was simulated for him by the white clay floor pictured here.

The emperor sat on
this tatami when
conducting business. 
When he was tired
or had an audience with
someone not entitled to
view him, he retired to the curtain room behind.

view of roof under repair

cedar bridge in the emperor's garden

view of garden showing
stone simulated beach. 
Trees in far background
are supposed to represent mountains

another view of cedar bridge

Landscaping and "tortured" trees