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Nov 13 2010
our ryokan was very nicely land scaped, including a pond with carp, some very large.  I wondered if the carp would end up in dinner.

This is one of the cedar tubs we soaked in before dinner.  What a relaxing experience! I want one in my house.

Another view of one of the small gardens at our ryokan.  Every unused spot becomes a small garden.  Very beautiful

On the trail, we passed this totally concrete bridge.  It is old and I thought it interesting that the arches over the road way are concrete.

a Shinto shrine on the trail.

A house on the trail with a large rice straw horse.

one of the signs on this part of the trail.

a golf practice range seen from the trail.  The Kiso Valley is not very wide.  Guess they have to put it where they can.

some old rice straw rain coats hanging up on a barn we passed by
A working water wheel we passed by.  In the next two photos you can see the power source and off switch. 

The water troughs made of hewn logs providing power for the wheel

The on/off switch.  The small piece of metal in the trough is slide into the water stream to turn on and out of the stream to turn off.  It is in the off position right now.

P on the trail.

A bear warning station, complete with bell and phone numbers to call

A terraced series of rice fields.  No rice since this is November.

A pretty stream along the trail

The next picture of the sign explains the situation with these two trees.

"The huge Sawara the river, is also a cypress tree cross union tree.  About 1716, the trees were cut.  In the same year, the two young trees were planted, one on each side of the trunk.  By 1863, the trees were still growing together".  Now you know about the trees.

Pretty fall colors on the trail.  You can see how the deciduous and everygreens grow somewhat separately

Trails end at Magome.  Overlook on the Kiso Valley.

Street map of Magome.  For us, very hard to find anything.
Pretty fall tree, somewhat tortured in the Japanese style in the Toson museun.