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Nov 12 2010
This is the first sign we saw after the train station. P thought it pointed to the Nakasendo trail.  This is where we went wrong the first time

FYI.  This is what a Nakasendo trail sign really looks like.  They are often hidden behind bushes, behind bridge railings and behind trees.  So you must be prepared to look for them every time you come to a possible turn in the road.

It rained most of the day.  P is hiking up the wrong road.

beautiful view through the mist and rail.  Looked like some of the misty ancient land scape paintings I have seen in museums.

Finally, it began to clear and we could see some of the beautiful fall colors.

A grove of deciduous trees that stood out against the evergreens on the side of a mountain.

This is the entrance to the long auto tunnel we hiked through.
view from inside the tunnel.  It was kind of scary.  When a car entered the tunnel you could hear it all throughout the tunnel.  It sounded like a fleet of 747s coming at us.

A very tall bamboo grove just outside the tunnel
A house typical of the ones we passed

a cemetery on the side of the trail.

We came to a fork in the road and could find no signs but this one.  It was totally useless to use since it was totally in kanji.  Apparently it was not too useful to anyone else either.  As I was standing there, a Japanese man driving by stopped to ask us questions.  Boy was he in trouble.

We saw some wild monkeys on one of the wrong turns we made.

Pretty woodland scene

pretty creek

Me trying to take the next picture

Tsumago is in sight, we think.
At last... The ryokan!

and dry clothes and hot tea!