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Nov 10 2010
Shrine in Yokahama China Town - Shinto

Outside shrine in Yokahama

another view of roof of shrine

Another Shinto shrine in China Town Yokaham

Inside the shrine

View from P's brother's balcony in Yokahama-harbor side
City side view from balcony
More city side views

Looking down in Yokahama
Beautiful park/museum we visited in Yokahama

P and Nami in the park

Flower competition - unusal coloring - all these flowers are on one plant.

A five flower plant, all same height, blooming at same time.

another variation

Pagoda in the park

farmhouse museum with open fire pit, no flue

bamboo hedge

P and N in front of flowers

P & I in front of flowers

Tatami room in farmhouse museum

P and his brother at dinner in China Town

N and I at dinner in China Town