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Nov 09 2010

I took this picture because of the
MacD sign.  Turns out it is the
only church I saw in all of Japan
(there may be others I did not see...). 
They celebrate Xmas with a similar
vengeance to us here in the USA,
but it is strictly just a holiday.

a view of a street...
note the complete
lack of litter on the
street.  It was the
same everywhere we

One of the fashion
districts somewhat
like 5th Ave in

another street
scene lacking
litter.  How do
they do it?

a residential street
scene near P's
brother's home

The Diet Building in

Entering the Meiji Shrine 

Saki donated to the
Shrine with donor's
name on each

wines donated to
the shrine with winery
names on casks.
Mostly french wine

A flower from a
competition at
the Shrine.  Note
that these flowers
bloom at same time
and are part of a
single plant

A Japanese family
taking their children
to the Shrine

voluntary maintenance
crew for the shrine. 
Members come from
all over Japan to help
maintain the Shrine

Rainbow Bridge at dusk with
Tokyo Tower in the middle.