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Nov 8, 2010

More pictures

Moat around Imperial Garden in Tokyo

Guard House at Imperial Garden in Tokyo

Wall around Imperial Garden in Tokyo

Azalea hedge in Imperial Garden in Tokyo.  No flowers in November :-(

P in Imperial Garden in Tokyo

One of the shrine protectors at the Buddhist Thunder & Lightning Shrine
Incense burning in front of Thunder & Lightning Shrine - Tokyo
Water buckets for putting out fires at Thunder & Lightning Shrine
Tori gate leading to Shinto Shrine next to Thunder & Lightning Shrine

don't see many of these in Tokyo anymore.  Just for tourist now.
Water purification at
Thunder & Lightning Shrine in Tokyo

Front of
Thunder & Lightning shrine in Tokyo 

At Thunder & Lightning Shrine, unfavorable fortunes are hung here in hopes they will improve. 
Another Buddhist shrine at Thunder & Lightning Shrine
Boat we took on our evening tour of Tokyo harbor
Rainbow Bridge from the boat
P in front of Statue of Liberty in Odaiba. A
copy of the working model in France.
Rainbow Bridge from boat at end of boat tour.
Statue of Liberty in Odaiba.