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Nov 8, 2010
I bought some pearls. 
Not shown here

Ginza... the main shopping drag.

My favorite store in Ginza!

We didn't test it. Too hard to drive on right.

P & his brother with the Leaf

Buddhist temple in Tokyo

Contributors to shrine honored by painting their names on lanterns

Pagoda at shrine

Buddha's sandal.  A very big shoe

View inside shrine

family praying inside shrine

small shrine honoring motherhood, I think.

James & I standing in front of a small store near his home

Sushi express
the control panel from front
the control panel from the top
the full monte
more instructions
Anglican church looking rather out of place
street scene somewhere in Tokyo
Meiji Shrine - wine donated from France
Meiji Shrine - Saki donated by various saki producers in Japan
P in front of gate to Meiji Shrine
Meiji Shrine - water purification before entering shrine